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 Zoning Documents
 Fee Schedule


The Board adopts an application fee to cover normal Township expenses such as clerical and Zoning Administrator costs and a specified number of meetings of the appropriate board. In addition to the nonrefundable application fee, the Board requires an applicant to reimburse the Township for all out-of-pocket expenses incurred by the Township in processing any application (including but not limited to publication expenses; mailing expenses; engineering expenses; attorney expenses; additional Board, ZBA or Planning Commission meeting expenses; any other professional expenses; etc.). This shall be done by the collection of an escrow fee at the time an application is submitted. Any unused portion of the escrow fee shall be refunded to the applicant. In the event that the escrow amount needs to be increased, the applicant shall be notified and must replenish the escrow account in the amount determined by the Township Supervisor before any additional action will be taken.


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